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Food Service: Meals & Management


No more chasing down paper forms or managing binders and spreadsheets! 

Link2Feed is a fully mobile point of service software that helps CACFP/SFSP sponsors go paperless, automate compliance and increase reimbursements.

Sites serve participants in Link2Feed at point of service, which eliminates paper forms. The software is easy to use and can be accessed on devices like cell phones and tablets to make connecting at sites easy- even without an internet connection!  

Link2Feed automates compliance by requiring all fields (including signatures) to be completed, ensuring data totals correctly and preventing meals from being served outside of their designated serving window. It has downloads to provide for audits and even has features to accommodate for COVID point of service waivers! 

Sponsors see a real-time overview of all site activity, including any meals missed. The reporting tools help with reimbursement submissions, ordering and site management, with metrics like one-day highs, average meals served, attendance and meal waste. 

Link2Feed is available for $27/site/month or less.  

Link2Feed is a social enterprise and Certified B Corporation that provides CACFP and SFSP sponsors with the technology to better understand hunger and increase their overall community impact.

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Naomi Czerwinskyj

1-855-489-6898 ex. 265

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