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2022 National Child Nutrition Conference

April 18-22 2022 | New Orleans, Louisiana

CACFP · Afterschool Meals · Summer Food

Darlington Snacks

Darlington Snacks


There is a snack revolution happening and Darlington Snacks is leading the charge. Established in 1982, Darlington Snacks is a family-owned commercial bakery dedicated to transforming ordinary snacking into an extraordinary experience.

What sets Darlington Snacks apart is its unwavering commitment to quality and creativity. Every snack we produce sources the finest ingredients and contains flavors that tantalize the taste buds. The mission has always been clear: to bridge the gap between health-conscious choices and indulgent treats, offering snacks that are not only delicious but also mindful of nutrition.

Since 1982, Darlington Snacks has blossomed into a national brand with an expansive product line. Our signature creations, ranging from cookies to dried fruit, mirror their passion for innovation in the foodservice industry. We pride ourselves on catering to a wide array of dietary preferences for many audiences, including schools, daycares, and healthcare facilities.

Beyond culinary prowess, Darlington Snacks is deeply invested in community engagement. They actively support local schools, collaborate with food banks, and contribute to various charitable causes. This sense of social responsibility is embedded in our corporate ethos, reflecting a holistic approach to business that extends beyond profit margins.

As Darlington Snacks marches ahead into the future, our blend of innovation, quality, and compassion continues to define our company. From healthy snacks that invigorate to moments of pure indulgence, Darlington Snacks remains a symbol of how a simple snack can enrich lives and create lasting memories.

Contact Us:

Heath Browning

(800) 754-2202


10475 Crosspoint Boulevard, Suite 110

Indianapolis, IN 46256

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